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How to Love Yourself When...

Consider this the chicken soup for the soul but for how to love yourself... Here you will find the courage and tools to love yourself through life's toughest moments!

Everyone preaches and talks self love…

But do you actually know how to go about applying self love to your day to day life?

  • Do you know that self-love is a daily act of self-reflection, patience, forgiveness, and compassion toward yourself and others?

  • Do you find yourself often wondering how there are some people who can so easily embrace their path, their purpose, their joy? And yet, you can’t even manage to complete a whole project you once said you were super excited about.

  • Do you wonder how people out of “nowhere” skyrocket into living a life so perfectly aligned to them? and you can’t manage to figure out what your next step in life is.

In This is self-guided course you will find 15 modules with video and workbook to help you love yourself in situations that you find yourself hardest to love, In the midst of self-sabotage, shame and guilt. 

Here you will learn to make peace with all parts of you and become a true embodiment of wholeness!

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