Shadow Painting & Integration Workshop

Build your confidence and connect to your essence!

AUGUST 26, 2023 / 1-5 pm EST / Lyfe Meditation Studio 

 998 Queen St E, Toronto

If you are tired of asking yourself: “What is my purpose” and you are ready to meet yourself in a deep and playful way, I have created an incredible experience just for you! 

What People had to say About Workshop: 

 "The meditation we were guided through really helped me to find inspiration for my painting. This was a new way for me to witness my shadow, to witness a visual representation instead of just a feeling or the energy of my shadow… a new way I might ‘face’ my shadow."
- Workshop Attendee



"It was deeply moving! Amazing guided meditation - a powerful experience!"

- Workshop Attendee


  Many hosts are passionate; you were radiant in your belief that shadow awareness radiates light...light radiates itself too... charisma def. above the usual! - Workshop Attendee


Do you feel...

  • Like you have so many ideas you want to act on but when it comes to bringing it to life you often procrastinate and not do it at all? 
  • Find it hard to answer: What is my purpose?
  •  It's hard to show up as the person you know you can be? 
  • You have 20,000 different versions of yourself that depend on who and where you are? 
  • Little to no confidence in your daily life? 

Early bird Pricing till August 18th, 2023 after that $100

What can you expect?

In this full 4 hour workshop we will explore the shadow aspect of ourselves that will be led and guided by me. 

I will help unlock parts of you that will bring you closer to embraces your purpose and have you confidently embrace all of who you are.

we will move our bodies and integrate in community all the new information that we receive and honor the past version of ourselves! 

Leaving you with a new self-image and vision from your higher self that you can embrace everyday! 

Hey I'm Gicela...

My passion for shadow work did not come out of nowhere! Truth is not too long ago I felt lost, without purpose and most of all full of anger and resentment from a past that I had no way of changing. 

After becoming a mom, I decided that it was time I stop letting the past dictate my future and embarked on journey of going deep into myself to bring back the essence that I lost when I used to feel safe. 

Through years of looking at my own demons and helping others do the same I discovered the power in shedding light in the darkest corners of our being. 

Confidence, empowerment, purpose were all waiting within in me to be found. 

and so is yours! 

 Let’s talk workshop ingredients:

  1. Do I need to be an entrepreneur to take this workshop? Entrepreneur or not, anyone who wants to get to know themselves deeper in community and play will love this workshop!
  2. Will painting utensils and canvas be provided? YES! You are going to have everything you need to get the most out of this experience.
  3. What can I expect from this workshop? You can expect to make friends, make connections within yourself and most of all to play in a way that most of us have forgotten to play in a long time!
  4. How many people will be attending? A maximum of 20 attendee will take part of this event.
  5. Is there anything I need to bring? 

    Come in comfortable clothing, mats will be provided for meditation part, but most of all come with an open mind and heart! There will be a 30 min break for snacking but make sure you come well fed.