Hey, It's Gicela!

I don't want to be another person that tells you how to live your life, what you should do to change it or what is the quick fix to your happiness.
But what I do have a bit of knowledge and experience on is leaping,
Leaping through hoops of adversity, poverty, sexism and traumas.
That on my worst days make me feel like I’m worthless and on my best days like a fucking super hero.
I got tired of a life where I was always the victim because things were always happening to me, not for me.
Where my happiness, success and joy depended on everyone else around me, except me.
After years of beating myself into the same walls, and never finding the right support I embarked on a journey of….
I literally gave up and accepted I was too broken to be fixed.
Until…. (Drum roll please) 
Life knocked me up… I mean that both literally and figuratively.
Who knew a little human being could show you how damn wrong you were going on about life!
Well that little bean was the fire I needed to change my whole life.
She was my first lesson in leaping, I could not turn back time.
I could not return her after 30 days.
on that one life changing action.
And so I knew I needed to free fall into the unknown, in pure darkness and with a baby in my arms.
I leaped into finishing my degree in Political Science through sleepless nights with a newborn.
I leaped when I left the father of my daughter without having a backup plan.
I leaped when I started my business and started serving others in marketing and website development being all self-taught and with zero schooling behind it.
I leaped when I started to write my book that is now in the process of being published.
I leaped when I knew I wanted to travel for a living and do it with my daughter by my side.
I leap today when I create the transformational work that I do with women because I followed my soul's calling.
I leaped and every time I didn't land, I thrived.
I thrive into better outcomes that not in my wildest dreams I would believe to be possible for me.
I’ve dedicated these past 4 years to discovering ways to unbreak myself, to become successful and happy and what I’ve found is that what I actually wanted was none of that. What I’ve found to be more important than any of that was PEACE. 
Yes, Peace of the mind, Peace in my heart, a shit ton of forgiveness.
I’ve found that I was never broken but that I was taught to believe I was. I found that I do not want success, unless it's on my terms,
And so here we are.
I am not a guru, a saviour, or an influencer.
I am Gicela, a girl who through leaping found her truest calling.
Who has done all the work to lead herself into greatness and I want to share with you.
So if you Identify with any of this… this is for you, this is for the women I Love.