What would your life look like if you fully trusted yourself?

Would you take the trip that you've have been planning and never getting too?

Quit your life draining job, and invest into your dreams?

Would you leave that half-assed relationship and spend time on your own?

What would your business look like if you trusted that everything was going to work out?

Where Healing And Business Growth Meet!

How to Love Yourself: The Online Course

Learn the power of loving yourself through the hardest transitions and moments in your life. 

This course was created to give you the tools you need to develop a strong relationship to self and others so that you can stop the guilt and shame of being exactly who you are!

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For The Women I Love

A Movement created to guide women on building lives and business from their wholeness, by turning their past trauma into their superpower.

You are creator, innovators, disruptor,

who by trying to fit in, forgot who you were to begin with!

But I am here to remind you, that your truth, your inner freedom is what is going to create long term growth and generational waves of healing!

Our world needs more of us living from our purpose, and fulfilling our lives mission.

Welcome to The Women I Love!

  • "She knows all you need to make the leap and start your own business"

    It is so easy to work with her because she is like an open book and you just know you can trust her from day one.
    She knows all you need to make the leap and start your own business and wake up to your power through it.
    She is like a headlight in the way you are discovering yourself again and I will always be grateful for finding her in it.

    - Liza Lodono

  • "She knows how to capture your idea and bring a concept to fruition"

    Gicela is intuitive, wise and patient, she knows how to capture your idea and bring a concept to fruition in a very clear, strategic manner.
    Her program is gold!

    I've learnt so much from Gicela when it comes to social media marketing and how to get your message across in a way that it lands with people.

    - Abby Mcdonald

  • “You are a fucking QUEEN!!!”

    Gicela was able to help me with healing the inner child which allowed me to stop negative patterns and get out of the victim mode I was in sometimes. Not only did she care for me so much but she truly wanted to see me succeed and that she did! I have never felt so free and happy to get out of my comfort zone and do things that are ME! I don’t fear the judgement anymore…I will always hear her voice telling me : “You are a fucking QUEEN!!!”

    -Melanie Rousseau

  • "She is real & raw and therefore makes you feel safe to be authentic too..."

    She coaches in a way that most can't; from her gut, from her unbelievably adventurous lived experience, she is real & raw and therefore makes you feel safe to be authentic too. 

    She walks the walk more than almost anyone I know & lives what she preaches. 

    Gicela reminds all of us leaders & experts to have faith in moments of despair, to take action in an aligned way & leads you in a magical, beautiful way to your highest self. 

    - Paloma Lev

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